Pastor Dan

Rev. Daniel Griffes, MA became Pastor of Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene in October, 2016.  Pastor Dan previously pastored two churches and brings a unique perspective combining practical Biblical theology with nearly 40 years experience in Christian Psychology. Pastor Dan reminds us that: We are a unique creation of God, who loves each of us unconditionally. God wants to bring purpose, peace, power and passion into the joys and sorrows of everyday living, if we will only allow Him into our lives. God loves the world He created and has a very important part for each of us in His Big Project of saving it. (John 3:16-17. Mark 16:15)


What is your favorite scripture?

Romans Chapter 8


What is your approach to preaching?

Personally surrendering to God, and prayerfully studying His Word by listening, listening, listening to the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit of Love; and trusting the Spirit to interpret His Word uniquely to each individual.


In addition to the Bible, what 2-3 books would you recommend everyone read?

Hannah Whitall Smith, “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life” and C S Lewis, “Mere Christianity”


What would you consider to be your passion?

I am impassioned by helping people know they are special and unique individuals, unconditionally loved by the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, and by smelling every rose God places along my path.


What is something about you that might surprise people?

I am an introvert who loves to dance.